Somewhere in England…

Somewhere in England

My grandfather wrote this letter to my grandmother from his initial staging point, “somewhere in England.”  His words describe London and Oxford as his “old stamping grounds,” and it makes me glad to know that in some way, I’ve already begun retracing footsteps, since London has been my home base for the last three weeks.  The day trip I took to Oxford surely counts too.

Tomorrow, I set sail from “somewhere in England.” I will be crossing the English Channel by ferry and landing in St. Malo.  At this point, sailing on a modern ferry is the closest reenactment I can manage.

My grandfather landed in Normandy on August 3, 1944.  I will be landing on July 29, 2014 – just a few days shy of exactly 70 years ago.



9 thoughts on “Somewhere in England…

  1. Saint Malo is beautiful. If you have time, go to the cathedral within the walled city….the stained glass windows were destroyed in one of the World Wars. Instead of traditional scenes from the Bible, the windows are fragments of color that reflect light all over the church. It is breathtaking. Enjoy France for me…eat some cheese and get lost exploring. That country will get under your skin.

    • Meg, I went into the walled city in St. Malo this morning! I was pretty tired, somewhat disoriented after the ferry, and carrying my backpack, so I missed the cathedral, but I’m so glad you encouraged me to walk within the rampart! Everyone was just waking up!

  2. Sarah, such glorious news and synchronization – wonderful! Nan Since there is no time in reality, we know that these events are still in Mind’s eye of infinite good forever. Nan

    • Merci Isabelle! I made it to St. Malo and now I’m in Mont Saint Michel! I have been practicing functional language phrases all morning! For example, “Où est la gare?” “Combien ça coûte?” and “C’était délicieux!”

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