Normandy Beach Remnants

This is a pictorial summary of the WW II remnants I saw today.  I’ll let the history books be the experts on the wartime details.  Suffice it to say that today’s tour gave me a much better understanding of the geography, scale, logistics, strategies, and landscape in Normandy.

After visiting the Normandy American Memorial Cemetary, Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Pointe du Hoc, the Airborne Museum, and several other places of interest, it’s clear to me that my grandfather’s story is just one of many, many, many awe-inspiring stories, and I’m just beginning to understand all of the layers!

Also, here’s a map.  (It’s in German, but since the place names are mostly French, it doesn’t really matter.  I think the pictures are informative).

DDay Map







6 thoughts on “Normandy Beach Remnants

  1. Very good map you chose, Sarah. It shows the beaches each country landed on, on D-Day. When you visit each little town with a landing beach along the coast, there are museums with memorabilia that make a trip to Normandy come alive. You saw a good one; Caen has an excellent one, and Arromanches for many years was the only one. Your tour gave you a good overview of the principal US related sights. Looks like you had typical Normandy weather, too!
    Have you been eating and drinking the Norman specialties? Dairy products, apple products.

    • I have been having delicious cheeses at breakfast, and for lunch yesterday I ate “saucisson!” There is a lot more to explore in Normandy, and I will definitely have to come back another time!

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