Spotted in Paris

Although I’ve mentioned this before, I must reiterate the fact that being in France during the last week or so has been extra meaningful because of the timing.

When I planned this trip, I wasn’t really aware of the way my dates lined up to position my travels exactly 70 years after D-Day, the Liberation of Paris, and my grandfather’s landing in Normandy. Not only have I have come across many unexpected connections to the 70th anniversary, but also, since the general populace is aware of the historical significance of this time, people have been all the more responsive when I have approached them out of the blue.

Below are some photos of things I spotted in Paris over the past 5 days.  They all connect in some way or another with WWII or my grandfather or adventures fact-finding. I can definitely relate to the following quote from my grandfather’s chapter on Paris. “In the early days of September I chased around the city like a tourist who has but a few days to see Paris.” (J. Rorimer 55). I was that tourist!


6 thoughts on “Spotted in Paris

  1. Hi Sarah–just read the three most recent postings beginning with Rose V. What brave men and women lived through such harrowing times! Thank you for sharing with us your most heartfelt thoughts about getting to know your grandfather. I hope you will publish these writings and pictures in a BOOK! Safe travels…

    • Wow, thank you Beth! About half of this blog is my grandfather’s writing, so it’s his book I’m honoring, but it sure is fun to add in my own adventures along the way! Thank you so much for following along with me!

  2. Thank you Sarah, you are a fabulous student yourself! What a lovely “compte rendu” (write-up) of my beautiful hometown…..and for the Tuileries, I’d say “marbre bien sûr” 🙂

    • Thank you for solving that mystery, Isabelle! When I looked closely at the marble in the Tuileries, I wondered if some parts were new and others were old due to damage by the tanks!

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