The Monuments Men Foundation

The Monuments Men Feature Film

The Rape of Europa Film

General Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Protection of Cultural Property (National Archives Blog)

The paintings behind the Monuments Men Cover (Monuments Men Foundation Blog)

In the Footsteps of the Monuments Men: Traces from the Archives at the Metropolitan Museum (Blog)

A son gives a thumbs up to portrayal of Clevelander James Rorimer in “The Monuments Men” (Cleveland Plain Dealer) – Interview with my father

One of the real ‘Monuments Men’ (Daily Journal) – Interview with my aunt

What the Monuments Men Wrought (Wall Street Journal)

The Monuments Men: How Many Heroes Really Act Alone? (Susan Eisenhower’s Blog)

Monuments Officers and the National Gallery of Art

Monuments Men: A Baltimore writer learns her father helped in the search for Nazi plunder (Washington Post)

Real-life Monuments Man recounts exploits (Harry Ettlinger Speaks – USA Today)

The Need for Monuments Men Today (Washington Post)


2 thoughts on “Recommended

  1. Have a great trip. Looking forward to your blog posts. The National Gallery of Art link is fascinating. Thanks for including it. Will have to go to Washington DC to see the exhibit on Monuments work before it closes in September. Thanks for excellent recommended list. “The Rape of Europa” by Lynn Nicholas is my favorite book on the subject – starting with German Degenerate Art and continuing through the Monuments Men work.

    • Thank you Grace! I’ve downloaded an e-book version of “The Rape of Europa” by Lynn Nicholas on my Nook/iPad, so I hope to use that as one of my sources. There is so much to learn about this subject!

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